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5 ways to prepare for your Skype Interview 💻

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Sepiso Dean

Sepiso Dean

Sepiso is one of our Interns from ALU. She is passionate about youth empowerment as she believes that empowering youth is empowering the society. Outside of work and school, she is enjoys reading memoirs and historical books.

We currently live in a digitalized world where video interviews are becoming more and more common. These usually happen on Skype and sometimes on Google hangouts. Throughout my internship and job search path, I have had a fair share of video interviews some of which were excellent 😀 and some of which were tragic 😱.

Here are 5 ways to prepare for your Skype interview and impress the interviewer :

First Impressions matter

During a Skype interview, your first impression is your username. Usually, after scheduling an interview, you and the interviewer have to share usernames before the call. In order to have a good first impression make sure your username is formal and simple.

For example, if your name is Nessa San, you could select a username like: @NessaSan or @NSan or @NessaSan22.

Select a formal attire

Although Skype Interviews are virtual, be sure to dress as you would have if you had a physical interview. There is a strong psychology between how you’re dressed and how you feel. If you are dressed formal, you will feel formal and act formal.

If you would like to read more about selecting a proper attire for an interview please click here.

Pick a suitable background

I have heard of a few tragic stories of interviewees who have missed job opportunities because they had an embarrassing poster on their background during their Skype interview. To be on the safe side, ensure that you have a plain background that will not prompt any distractions to the interviewer.

Obviously, ensure that you are having your interview in a silent room that is free from distraction. (Lock the door 🔐 if you have to!)

Test Call

Before the actual interview, ask a friend to give you a test call in order to make sure that you set your camera frame properly. Be sure to set your computer camera at the best angle possible where the interviewer can see you. This should be an opportunity for you to test your internet connection to see if the connection is strong enough or if you need an alternative.

Have all your documents

Before the interview starts, prepare all your documents: resume, cover letter, recommendations, and the job description because interviewers always have them open and tend to refer back to them during the interview. Go through these documents and be ready to answer or clarify anything that is on these documents.

Skype interview preparations should not be any less thorough than regular interviews. Make sure you learn about the organisation and prepare to answer any interview question. Moreover after the interview, be sure to send a thank you note. 😉

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