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How to write an outstanding cover letter ✉

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Zamba Cereneu

Zamba Cereneu

Zamba is one of our interns from ALU. He is passionate about martial arts and body health. Outside of work and school, he enjoys swimming and tae kwondo .

You selected the job you want to apply to and you researched the company. Your next step is writing your cover letter.

A cover letter is a document that comes with your resume that provides information about your skills, abilities and experience in order to show why the company should choose you.

A cover letter allows you to tell the company why they should hire YOU for this position.

A cover letter needs to:

  • introduce you

  • mention the job you’re applying for

  • match your skills and experiences with the skills and experiences required by the job

  • encourage the reader to read your resume

  • finish with a call to action.

Tailor your letter to the job

Your cover letter should be specific to the job that you are applying and be based on your skills and experience.

Here is an example of an application for the position of programmer:

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am [insert full name]. I am passionate about technology. I am writing to apply for the position of programmer as advertised on

I am interested in this position and I believe that my strong technical experience and education will make me a competitive candidate for this position.

As requested, I am enclosing a completed job application, my certification, my resume, and three references.

In this paragraph, note that the candidate specified the job that she is applying to based on her technical and education experience.

Explain why you are the right candidate for this job

This is where you show the employer the value you can bring to the company. You can use your qualifications, skills and past experience in order to match with the job description. You can also talk about the accomplishments that you had from previous jobs or past projects you worked on.

As an example :

With a BSc in Computer Programming, I have a deep understanding of the full lifecycle of a software development project. I also have experience in learning and excelling at new technologies as needed.

Notice how the candidate used her degree in computer programming to match with the requirements of the job description and highlighted how her past work experience brings value to the job she is applying to.

Convey your interest for the job

This is where you show your enthusiasm and eagerness to join company. It is important to let the employer know that you are keen for the job.

As an example:

Although I’ve explored many options in my job search, I’ve come to respect the quality and integrity of the work that you do. I was very impressed with your latest television campaign. I love creating great advertisements for television, radio, and print, and believe I would be a good asset to your company. I’m a hard worker who thinks outside of the box while producing creative work in an efficient manner.

End with at Call to Action

Remember that the aim of your cover letter is to bring you closer to your goal: an interview. Make sure to end your letter giving the employer your contact details, reiterate your interest in the position, and thank the reader for their time.

As an example:

I’ve attached a copy of my resume that details my experience. I can be reached anytime via my cell phone on [insert phone number] or via email at [insert email].
I look forward to speaking with you about this employment opportunity. Thank you for your time.

Ensure that there are no typos or spelling mistakes in your cover letter. It’s a good idea to have friends proofread your letter before sending it out. Finally, never lie on your cover letter. Companies will call past employers to cross-check.

You are now all set to apply for the job! 👍

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