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What you missed during the CareerHub Job & Education Fair

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Elveena Yessoo

Elveena Yessoo

Elveena is part of the Digital team at CareerHub. She is passionate about social justice and is always looking for ways to get involved. Her ideal day is at the beach with a good book and a 'bon briyani.'

Saturday 9am, the team and exhibitors are already at the Paul Octave Wiéhé Auditorium; busy putting in the final touches of the much-awaited CareerHub Job & Education Fair.  A few visitors are already flocking at the entrance, curious …

Saturday 10am: It begins! A buzzing crowd can be seen outside the Auditorium waiting to get in. Students and recent graduates alike, eager to see whether they will find what was advertised: “CareerHub Job & Education Fair will help you make an informed decision about your future”. They were not disappointed. Recent graduates looking for their first jobs were served. Experienced professionals looking for career growth were obliged. Others, looking for new avenues and opportunities were catered for.

The employment sectors represented during the fair were many and varied:

✓ ICT                    ✓ Logistics          ✓ Banking           ✓ BPO                  ✓ Accounting

✓ Hospitality     ✓ Digital              ✓ Finance           ✓ Recruitment

This edition of the CareerHub Job & Education Fair was well received among employers, job seekers, and parents. We received over 4, 000 visitors. We met a number of university students looking for internships, so as to get ‘real-life’ skills. Parents concerned about their children’s’ future came to learn about the current job market so as to be better able to guide their children.
Employers side
Hélène Bourdois, Marketing Intelligence Specialist at Agileum appreciated the media coverage of the event through social media, newspaper, radio and television. She received a number of relevant applications for the different of their open positions.
Akshay Ramdass, CTO at Nurabytes “We are always looking for new talent and participating at the fair was a good way to promote our brand among jobseekers. Nurabytes has attended a number of events. has continuously demonstrated its capability to attract talent through targeted and creative advertising.” 
Jobseekers side
According to Krishna Samoo, a fair visitor, “The social media marketing pre-event was clear and fun. A lot of jobseekers were aware that this event will be taking place. The fair itself was interesting as there was a good mix of employers representing a range of sectors.”
As for us, we enjoyed planning, organizing and being part and parcel of this event! The whole team worked as one family to make the fair a success. We put on our jobseeker hat to make this an enjoyable experience for them. We also tried to think like employers to organise the event in the most efficient way for them. We had a lot of fun doing so !

We are already busy preparing our next event : LE JOB FAIR DU NORD at GBLC !

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