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5 easy steps to make a smart job search 😎

Now that you have your CV in hand, you are ready for the next step! Looking for a job! 💼 Rather than applying to all jobs on the platform (Yes. It sounds silly, but candidates do do this! Companies do not appreciate this. 😤 ), it is best to do targeted applications, i.e. only apply [...]
Heervesh Lallbahadur

Meet Google Code-In Finalist : Heervesh Lallbahadur

Heervesh Lallbahadur is a brilliant young man passionate about technology. He recently took part in the Google Code-In competition and is one of the 51 finalists. At only 17, Heervesh has had a incredible journey so far. I sat down with him to learn more about his inspiring adventure. Favourite Book: Harry potter Favourite TV [...]
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The Key is your Attitude!

Have you ever wondered how some people, though not very bright or experienced, are able to fly high in their respective roles, be it at work, home or society at large? Personally, it boils down to one decisive attribute: the right Attitude. Here’s my take on what it means: B+ Be Positive and make it [...]

Photo on CV: good or bad idea?

A frequently asked question is whether you should provide a photo with your CV or not. Here are answers to help you choose and finish your winning resume! When you are asked to include a photo on the CV, a little reluctantly settles. And here in your head, wondering what kind of picture could please […]

Job Interview

Choose a winning outfit for your job interview!

Yay! You got an interview for this job that you are interested in? Congrats! This is great. My first thought upon getting a job interview was Ayo ki pu meter la? B ki pu meter? While it is true that the determining factor for your hire should be your CV, your professional appearance also influences [...]
ICT Jobs

Youths, ICT, and opportunities. What’s the link?

If you are a 16 year old, you’ve likely been around a phone all your life. You likely know all about the latest technology. Chances are that you use Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, and WhatsApp everyday. Now think about it for a minute. How does all of this work? Well, the simple answer; ICT. Most [...]

8 tips to create a strong profile on

Are you new to the Platform ? Having issues to create your profile? You don't know with whom to seek advice? You are at the right place! So, take a chill pill and let me help you create a strong profile. Do not panic the platform is very user friendly. You can easily sign up [...]

Letter to my 22 year old self..

Dear Elveena, Congrats! You just graduated from university. You feel ready to take on the world. Right now you are full of hope, creativity, and ideas. You are eager to go out there and make the world better. With your university degree in the bag, you are feeling confident that you will land the job […]

youth forum

Lessons from the Youth Forum

The National Computer Board recently organized the Youth Forum during Infotech 2016. The aim of the forum was to showcase innovation in the IT sector, and to give students a better sense of the contemporary job landscape. Roland Dubois, Training Consultant at the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations, Employment & Training, Anibal Martinez, Founder of […]

Finding a job

I just can’t find a job!

You’ve got the degree. You’ve got the grades. You’ve got the perfect cv. You feel that you’ve exhausted your options, but you just can’t find a job? Here are additional tips on what you can do differently : 1. Be your own boss Why work for a company when you can create your own? Entrepreneurship [...]
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