Developers Conference: The Biggest Tech Event in Mauritius

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Elveena Yessoo

Elveena Yessoo

Elveena is part of the Digital team at CareerHub. She is passionate about social justice and is always looking for ways to get involved. Her ideal day is at the beach with a good book and a 'bon briyani.'

The Developers Conference (DevCon) has become an increasingly popular event in Mauritius. The third edition of the DevCon took place this week at Bagatelle. The DevCon, geared towards the geek community, featured multiple sessions to showcase development in the ICT sector.

The DevCon is organised by Mauritius Software Craftsmanship Community (MSCC) in partnership with a number of local and international companies. The aim of this event is to share knowledge and encourage discussion around ICT topics, and to create a network of engaged individuals thirsty for knowledge in the ICT world.

Event Highlights

Learning opportunities
Latest digital technologies
Discover leaders in IT field
For beginners, experts, and the curious
Sessions on range of IT-related topics
Fun and free!
CareerHub Avishek Ramah Nurabytes
Avishek Ramah Tech geek and Software Engineer at Nurabytes
“The DevCon is an opportunity to learn about contemporary technologies being used in Mauritius and abroad. The multiple workshops allowed me to learn about innovative tools so as to keep up with latest development in the ICT field. The workshop by on Internet Of Things and Bot Framework was specially interesting as it showcases how technology interacts with everyday tools.
We need to have more conferences such as the DevCon as they encourage the exchange of ideas, and drive innovation.
The DevCon showcased an number of young talented developers in Mauritius. Students from the Microsoft Student Partners presented a variety of workshops such as Introduction to Data Science, Game Development, and Xamarin. The DevCon is a place to meet people who are passionate in their field, eager to learn, and share knowledge.

Follow the MSCC to find out about their future events

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