Skills Mismatch


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Elveena Yessoo

Elveena Yessoo

Elveena is part of the Digital team at CareerHub. She is passionate about social justice and is always looking for ways to get involved. Her ideal day is at the beach with a good book and a 'bon briyani.' is working on an exciting new project in partnership with Verde, an innovative market research company, on: Mapping the Skills Mismatch in Mauritius.

We will compare employment needs to studies young Mauritians are currently undertaking. This comparison will allow us to identify the job positions where there is a lack of qualified individuals.

We will use this data to conduct a national advertising campaign aiming at creating awareness about market demands and help students opt for studies leading to jobs. We are confident that our national initiatives will in time help in curbing the high unemployment among young graduates as well as helping employers massively filling in hard-to-find positions in short future.

To do this, we need your help. We’d appreciate if you could take just 5 mins to fill this survey and tell us about your recruitment needs. Your responses will be treated in strict confidentiality and reporting presented only in aggregated form.


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Skills Mismatch

Take the time to fill this survey and contribute towards increasing the employability skills of Mauritian youths! 🙂

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